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4 Must-Have Fall Essentials (2021)


I know I KNOW! "It's the end of October and you're dropping a blog about fall fashion essentials it's a little late don't you think?" Yes your right BUT, Fall & Winter fashion are almost interchangeable so let us just say I'm early for winter.

Today, I'm going to be showing you 4 fall/winter essentials that will help elevate your style during these cold months. Not only will I be sharing the clothes I'm also going to share some personal tips, along with some affordable brands to cop.

Whether you are just getting started or you are an OG looking for a little refresher you will find some value in this article. That's enough of the formalities let's get into it.


Classic. Flannels are the main fall/winter essential based on the sheer versatility.

It's a little chilly but not cold enough to wear a sweater? Layer a flannel over your favorite white, black or graphic tee, and you are good to go.

Oh, the wind is cutting you up but you don't want to wear a jacket? Layer that flannel over a hoodie and not only will it keep you warm, you'll step your outfit up a notch!


If you don't have a flannel in your wardrobe I highly recommend you start by getting a quality black & white one first, as you will get the most wear out of it and it will fit into most wardrobes.

After you have some staple colors then feel free to go out and look at the many different pattern colors that are available.

Be aware that flannels are very busy pieces due to the pattern so make sure you pair it with a pretty basic outfit to avoid looking dusty!


If you are looking to cop a pretty decent flannel I'd recommend H&M, especially if you aren't sure if you are going to get much wear from it as it is the most affordable.

If you are willing to shell out a little extra money I would also recommend Carhart as they have some great quality flannels still at a reasonable price or if you looking for a more stylized flannel design.

You can't go wrong with whichever one you choose just remember to keep it simple and avoid other busy designs while wearing flannel.

Knitted Jumpers

Sweet Sweet knitted jumpers. The statement t-shirt of the fall season. Allowing you to show your style in a cozy way. Not to mention it's a runway trend this season!


When it comes to knitted jumpers there are no set rules, it's all highly dependent on your style along with the sweater its self.

Looking for an outfit you can wear to a fancy dinner? Pair a nice minimal jumper over a button-up and some trousers.

Going for a more comfortable/casual look? Grab an oversized jumper, some jeans, and your favorite pair of chucks or vans.

When picking a jumper its not only about color pay attention to the knit pattern as well, texture plays a big part in these pieces and how you style them.


I made a joke earlier about Knitted jumpers being the statement t-shirt of the fall season, well I was partially serious. You can easily show off who your favorite brand is by rocking their jumpers!

If you care less about the brand but what to find some unique knits the best way is by Thrifting. Always support your local thrift stores first but if you are having a hard time, try out sites like Poshmark or Depop here is some heat I've found on the sites.

If you are looking for a chunky knit for those colder days try L.L. Bean. This style of jumper lets the texture do all the talking for you. I can easily see this being paired with a pair of tan or black trousers on a night out with some friends.

Aelfric Eden offers something more affordable without sacrificing quality and style. They recently dropped a bunch of knits that will surely attract eyes!

Boots/Retro sneakers

I cheated a little bit but understand that it's based on your style, you might not be able to pull off boots confidently (and confidence is key) so I gave you a choice. A nice pair of boots or a pair of classic sneakers. Choose wisely.

Nothing like a pokemon reference


Boots: If you are going with the boots route I would recommend getting a good pair of black leather boots. They’re low maintenance, easy to pair with, and fly as heck!

If you already have a pair or 2 of boots I would recommend exploring some of the different styles of boots. Ex. Chukka Boot, Chelsea Boot, Duck Boot, etc.

Each boot has its own style that you can mix and match with your *aesthetic.

*(I tried to go as long as I could without saying it)

Work boots, chukkas, and black boots work best with more relaxed/casual outfits. When it comes to smart-casual outfits you could still wear the chukka boot or you can try out a nice chelsea or wingtip.

Retro sneakers: What is a retro sneaker? These are shoes from or inspired by designs from the 70'-80's. Think classic silhouettes like the Cortez, Shell Toes, or the New balance 574.

Retro sneakers aren't as robust as boots might be but you can still put together some great outfits that don't feel too far from their summer counterparts.

The fact that they are still sneakers just know the outfit will be more on the casual side so compliment that with more boxy, comfortable outfits, or if you are going for a modern look use fitted/ tapered pieces to achieve the look.

There are always exceptions with a good example being the Adidas Stan Smith.

Even though it is a retro sneaker it can be paired up with more smart outfits but I wouldn't recommend taking it any further than that or risk looking you know...dusty!


For boots, I would look to the likes of Johnston & Murphy, Dr. Martens, or New Republic. All three offer great quality boots that will last you years at a very reasonable price

Retro sneakers will all be highly dependent on your favorite brands, every brand has their classic sneaker that speaks to them so I would recommend researching what they have and what works for you.

The ones pictured below serve as a good starting point.


Overcoats. The king of layering and most difficult to style.

There is a fine line between looking fly in an overcoat or looking like you borrowed your dad's coat cause you forgot yours at home.

Technically this might be more of a winter fashion piece due to it being a final layering piece usually over a jumper, hoodie, or sweatshirt but I included it because there will come days cold enough to pull this off and you want to be ready for that day

Unlike other fashion pieces, there aren't many options when it comes to overcoats. You have your classic Top Coat, its lighter cousin the Pea coat, and the granddaddy of them all (and my personal favorite) the Trench coat


When it comes to the overcoat stick with Natural and neutral colors, I'm talking tan, navy, and camel. (yes tan & camel are different colors).

You don't want to go too crazy with the color as you would like to get the most wear out of your piece especially with overcoats being the most expensive thing on this list.

You don't want a $500 - $1000 red overcoat sitting in your closet cause you can't seem to match it with anything.

It's best practice to keep the outfit as simple as possible and let the layering do the talking. It's very very easy to look a mess if you don't pair your pieces appropriately.

Actually, I'm going to give you the Konami Code of Trench coat outfits. Wear this outfit and you can't go wrong. White Tee + Grey Sweater/Hoodie + Black pants + White Shoes.

Basic but you'll understand how to mix it up after.


Just go Thrifting. If you go and buy a brand new overcoat it is going to run your pockets dry! Your best bet is to head over to a second-hand store and search their stock.

Unlike other types of clothes overcoats rarely get much wear and tear due to them being occasional fashion pieces, so you can find some overcoats in really good shape at a thrift stores.


If I had to boil it down to one single tip, when trying a new style or incorporating a new piece in your wardrobe just start simple.

When you start simple you can see what you like or dislike about it and take that knowledge to the next outfit.

At the end of the day it is your wardrobe, your style, your aesthetic, and you gotta rock what works best for you! So take what you like and run with it!

Here we are, at the finish line if you made it here. Thank you, you are a dope human being! I hope you got some value out of this post whether it be the tips, a brand you didn't know, or the entire post.

If I missed something feel free to comment below what I missed along with a brand that does it best. Appreciate you guys and talk to you on the next one!

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